Cloud Readiness Assessment

One of the most important first steps for any business considering moving to the cloud is assessing their current infrastructure and building a strategy for cloud adoption.

Cloud Readiness Assessment helps you answer following questions:

  • Is Cloud right for my organisation?
  • Should I move to Cloud in one go or phase my transition over a period?
  • How can I test before I decide on the move?
  • What are the costs? How do I understand ROI?
  • How do I address security and compliance needs on Cloud?

The A B C of Cloud Readiness Assessment

A. Understanding Your Vision

Understanding the Business Need

We start with speaking to all stakeholders in your organization to understand your vision for cloud and expectations on application behavior.

Cost Expectations

Cost plays a big role in such large migration activities. We understand that and for us to plan the roadmap better, we hear your cost expectations.

Compliance & Regulations

In most cases, the compliance and industry regulations play a decider role in migrating your systems to cloud. We follow a checklist based approach to cover this.

B. Assessment & Design

Application Analysis

Study application design, architecture and dependencies including performance metrics, customer traffic, security requirements and 3rd party integrations.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure is not just about servers. It’s literally your entire data center including networks, switches, routers, cables and more. We map all this in the cloud.

Cloud Architectures

Once we complete our study, we build the cloud architectures as per your cost, SLA, performance, compliance and business continuity requirements.

C. Preparing Roadmap

Migration Plan

The migration plan will be prepared based on the criticality of applications and necessary code changes required to move to cloud.

Proof of Concept (PoC)-Optional*

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is the most effective method to validate your cloud move and enterprise cloud adoption.

Assessment & Report (including costing)

The study completes with submission of a comprehensive report on your organization’s cloud readiness systems, people, process and budget.

Schedule a Cloud Readiness Assessment Workshop

Get in touch with us to start the discussion of how you can benefit from Cloud Readiness Assessment for your organisation as first step towards starting your Cloud journey.

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